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  • Sante PACS Server PG

  • Sante PACS Server PG

  • Sante PACS Server PG

  • Sante PACS Server PG

Sante PACS Server PG

The Single PC License

The Single PC License is licensed to one Licensee. The Licensee may install and activate the application on one computer. The application can be accessed by any number of DICOM nodes/users via the network.

Perpetual license: free updates, maintenance and support

Our customers don't have to pay again and again for the same application every year, because our software is one time purchase and it is free of update/maintenance/support or hidden fees. Any new version is a free update for all previous version's users, and works with the same license key.

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License Type


Purchase via Share-it!
Single PC License

  • Perpetual license (never expires)

4500 US$
Single PC License (for non-profit organizations)

  • Perpetual license (never expires)

3750 US$
*All prices are subject to change without notice.

Registration Code

When the user purchase a license for one of our programs, he/she will receive a registration code. This code will unlock the program, and the images will be presented without the demo banner.
If you have not received your license key please check the spam (junk) folder in your e-mail client!


Invoices for orders will be created only after payment has been received. If you pay by credit card or have the amount charged to your account (electronic debit or online bank transfer), Share-it! will immediately issue an invoice for your order. For orders paid for by bank transfer, check or cash, you will first receive an order confirmation, and your invoice will be sent to you after payment has been received. In any case, Share-it! will automatically e-mail your invoice or order confirmation to your billing address. The order documents will be included as a PDF attachment to the e-mail. You can also view and print your order documents any time after completing your order. To do so, simply log in to the secure "My Account" area, in Share-it! web site. There, you will find your order overview and any related documents.

Return policy

We offer a fully functional time unlimited trial for you to carry out a complete evaluation of our software prior to purchase. Software that has been purchased, downloaded and activated from our website cannot be returned or refunded. This policy is in line with International Copy Protection and Electronic Software Download generally accepted practices and do not affect your statutory rights. This return policy is accepted and followed worldwide by most software vendors and producers.
Please evaluate our software in demo mode before the purchase.