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  • Sante DICOM Viewer 3D Pro

  • Sante DICOM Viewer 3D Pro

  • Sante DICOM Viewer 3D Pro

  • Sante DICOM Viewer 3D Pro

Sante DICOM Viewer 3D Pro

Sante DICOM Viewer 3D Pro is a professional grade 2D/3D medical image (DICOM) workstation, PACS client, viewer, anonymizer, converter, DICOM CD/DVD creator and much more. It has all the features of Sante DICOM Viewer Pro plus the capability of creating 3D models.

By having all the capabilities of a powerful DICOM workstation, it allows the user to work smoothly in a multi-modality, multi-manufacturer environment. Sante DICOM Viewer 3D Pro is essential not only to Radiologists but to any specialist that receives patient images from collaborating labs in DICOM format in everyday practice.

Sante DICOM Viewer 3D Pro is Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista compatible, and it supports all the modalities (CT, MR, US, CR, NM, XA, MG, DX etc.), all the manufacturers, and all the DICOM file types (DICOM 3.0/NEMA 2).

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Sante DICOM Viewer 3D Pro

Sante DICOM Viewer 3D Pro
The main interface The program supports all the modalities

Sante DICOM Viewer 3D Pro

Sante DICOM Viewer Pro
The series mode Dual monitor support

Sante DICOM Viewer 3D Pro

Sante DICOM Viewer 3D Pro
The Multi-planar reconstruction (MPR) mode The 3D model view interface

Sante DICOM Viewer 3D Pro

Sante DICOM Viewer 3D Pro
Ultrasound region calibration module support Support of Structured Reports

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Features and benefits

  • Powerful 2D/3D DICOM workstation and viewer
  • Perpetual license that never expires. Free updates and free technical support for product's lifetime
  • PACS client that supports all the DICOM network services (C-FIND, C-MOVE, C-STORE, C-ECHO SCU/SCP)
  • It can be used as a mini PACS server as well
    (the number of stored patients/studies depends on disk size only)
  • Command line switches for integration with PACS servers (learn more...)
  • Easy to use with native Windows "look and feel"
  • Support of all charsets (latin, chinese, japanese, korean, cyrillic, arabic, greek, turkish, etc.)
  • On-line, case sensitive help
  • Compatible with all modalities (CT, MR, NM, US, XA, MG, CR etc.), all manufacturers and all DICOM 3.0 and NEMA 2 file types.
  • Supports also jpeg, jpeg2000, tiff, png, and bitmap image formats
  • Dual monitor support (new in version 3, learn more...)
  • Structured Report support (new in version 3.3)
  • Build-in DICOM File Editor
  • Build-in DICOM Multi-File Editor
  • Creation of 3D model by the Isosurface technique
  • Creation of 3D model by the Transfer Function (Volume rendering) technique
  • Creation of 3D model by the Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) technique
  • User option for full-scale or half-scale 3D models
  • Full support of DICOMDIRs (view, open, create, edit, image/series selection for viewing or/and for transferring in another folder)
  • Build-in Anonymizer (Patient data de-identification, suitable as well for avoiding issues with the GDPR regulation 2016/679 of EU)
  • Scout image/localizer support
  • Support for Overlays
  • Study comparison side-by-side
  • Printing to DICOM printers and Windows printers
  • Creation of DICOM CD-ROMs/DVD-ROMs
  • Advanced ROI selection tools (free hand, magic wand, eye-dropper, rectangle, circle, ellipse, polygon)
  • Statistical analysis of ROIs (pixel count, min value, max value, mean value, standard deviation, area, volume)
  • Synchronized frame view between the series
  • Synchronized level-window between the series
  • Synchronized field of view between the series
  • Measurement tools (distance, angle, cobb angle, polyline, area, volume)
  • Ultrasound region calibration module support (calibrated Ultrasound measurements)
  • Annotation texts and arrows
  • Interpolated (smooth) zoom and advanced zoom tools (e.g. zoom dynamic, zoom window)
  • Comparison of DICOM files tag by tag
  • Build-in Hexadecimal File Editor
  • Build-in Hexadecimal DICOM Viewer
  • File searching with criteria (patient name, study ID etc.), within hard disk's or CD's folders
  • File searching by tag's existence and/or tag's value, within hard disk's or CD's folders
  • External DICOM dictionary support
  • Image orientation (flip, rotate)
  • Image and canvas resizing
  • Image processing filters (blur, sharpening, convolution masks, min mask, max mask, median mask etc.)
  • Subtraction filter for DSA
  • Video (wmv) creation with or without annotations
  • Batch convert to image formats (JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, etc.)
  • Batch anonymizing, with ability of burned-in annotations removal
  • Export DICOM Headers to text files
  • Orthogonal Multi-planar Reconstruction (MPR)
  • Easy to use with native Windows "look and feel"
  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7/ and Vista compatible
  • Free demo version that works for 30 days (Download Download it)

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Low total cost of ownership

The license of the program is perpetual, it does not expire and there is no annual renewal or contract fees. The update, maintenance and support of the program are free. The registered user can download, install and use every new version of the program without any additional cost.

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista or Windows Server 2016/2012/2008 (the program is not compatible with Windows XP or earlier)
  • The Microsoft DirectX Library (95.6 MB, Download it from here)
  • Intel Core i3 1.3GHz or greater
  • 4 GB memory or more
  • Graphics card with 512 MB memory, and compatible with DirectX 10
  • Monitor that supports resolution 1024x768 or above, and true color (16M Colors)
  • Pointer device (Mouse)
  • 100MB free space on hard disk

Installation on Window Server 2012

The user must install the "Media Foundation" from "Add Roles and Features" wizard of the Server Manager.

Installation on Window Server 2008

The user must install this update of Microsoft before the program installation.


If you get a message about missing DLLs (e.g. d3d.dll), you need the Microsoft DirectX Library.
DirectX download it from here (95.6 MB)

Download Download the application