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  • Sante DICOM Editor

  • Sante DICOM Editor

  • Sante DICOM Editor

Sante DICOM Editor

Automatic CD/DVD Label Printing

The program can automatically print a CD/DVD label on the robotic disk publisher devices of EPSON and PRIMERA. The label can have the patient name, patient ID, study date, study description and other useful information.

Example with Epson Disk Publisher

  • With Epson software create a label file (*.tdd) that describes the layout of the DVD labels.

  • Then you must associate a label name (e.g. PATIENTNAME_1) with a DICOM field (e.g. 0010,0010 Patient Name). To do that, select the menu command “CD/DVD BurningCD/DVD Producer Setup”.

    Select the “EPSON” as producer and press the “Setup…” button.

  • In the follow dialog box:
    1) Insert the correct Machine Name (e.g. PP-100 II, PP-100 III etc.)
    2) Select the path of the tdd file that you created
    3) Associate the labels of the CD/DVD with a DICOM tag

  • The "Associate..." button creates an association between a "CD Label Field" and a "Dynamic Field" of the dropdown combobox that contains basic DICOM fields.