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  • Sante DICOM Editor

  • Sante DICOM Editor

  • Sante DICOM Editor

  • Sante DICOM Editor

Sante DICOM Editor


The program allows the user to create and burn a DICOM CD/DVD, from series that have been already opened. The program adds to the CD/DVD a nice, free DICOM Viewer that allows the patient and/or physician to view the patient's images.

The DICOM viewer of the CD/DVD (Sante DICOM Viewer Lite)

The burning CD/DVD procedure:

  • Open all the series you want to burn in a CD/DVD disk
  • Select the menu command "FileCreate DICOM CD/DVDOM".
    A dialog box appears and it allows you to select the desired series. You can select more than one series by holding down the <Control> key of the keyboard and selecting many series.

  • The program asks you to select the CD/DVD behavior. The DICOM Viewer of the CD/DVD disk can open automatically the first series of the CD/DVD, all the series of the CD/DVD, or it can ask the user to select the desired series to open.

  • The program creates a DICOMDIR file for the selected series and burns the CD/DVD which contains also Sante DICOM Viewer Lite.
  • Attention! This command is disabled when the system does not have a CD/DVD drive and an external (USB) CD/DVD drive is not attached in the system.