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  • Sante DICOM Viewer

  • Sante DICOM Viewer

  • Sante DICOM Viewer

  • Sante DICOM Viewer

Sante DICOM Viewer

Sante DICOM Viewer is a state of the art medical image (DICOM) workstation, viewer, anonymizer, converter, DICOM CD/DVD creator and much more. It has been developed since 1999 and it is one of the most popular DICOM viewers worldwide. Thanks to its extensive feature-set, unparalleled stability and easiness of use, it is the DICOM viewer of choice of the greatest universities and hospitals of the world.

By having all the capabilities of a powerful DICOM workstation, it allows the user to work smoothly in a multi-modality, multi-manufacturer environment. Sante DICOM Viewer is essential not only to Radiologists but to any specialist that receives patient images from collaborating labs in DICOM format in everyday practice.

Sante DICOM Viewer is Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista compatible, and it supports all the modalities (CT, MR, US, CR, NM, XA, MG, DX etc.), all the manufacturers, and all the DICOM file types (DICOM 3.0/NEMA 2).

Sante DICOM Viewer

Sante DICOM Viewer
The main interface The program supports all the modalities

Sante DICOM Viewer

Sante DICOM Viewer
The series mode The user can adjust the screen layout

Sante DICOM Viewer

Sante DICOM Viewer
The Multi-planar reconstruction (MPR) mode Ultrasound region calibration module support

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Features and benefits

  • Powerful DICOM workstation and viewer
  • PACS client that supports all the DICOM network services (C-FIND, C-MOVE, C-STORE, C-ECHO SCU/SCP)
  • It can be used as a mini PACS server as well
    (the number of stored patients/studies depends on disk size only)
  • Easy to use with native Windows "look and feel"
  • Support of all charsets (latin, chinese, japanese, korean, cyrillic, greek, etc.)
  • On-line, case sensitive help
  • Compatible with all modalities (CT, MR, NM, US, XA, MG, CR etc.), all manufacturers and all DICOM 3.0 and NEMA 2 file types.
  • Supports also jpeg, jpeg2000, tiff, png, and bitmap image formats
  • Build-in DICOM File Editor
  • Build-in DICOM Multi-File Editor
  • Full support of DICOMDIRs (view, open, create, edit, image/series selection for viewing or/and for transferring in another folder)
  • Build-in Anonymizer
  • Scout image/localizer support
  • Support for Overlays
  • Study comparison side-by-side
  • Creation of DICOM CD-ROMs/DVD-ROMs
  • Advanced ROI selection tools (free hand, magic wand, eye-dropper, rectangle, circle, ellipse, polygon)
  • Statistical analysis of ROIs (pixel count, min value, max value, mean value, standard deviation, area, volume)
  • Measurement tools (distance, angle, area, volume)
  • Ultrasound region calibration module support (calibrated Ultrasound measurements)
  • Annotation texts and arrows
  • Interpolated (smooth) zoom and advanced zoom tools (e.g. zoom dynamic, zoom window)
  • Comparison of DICOM files tag by tag
  • Build-in Hexadecimal File Editor
  • Build-in Hexadecimal DICOM Viewer
  • File searching with criteria (patient name, study ID etc.), within hard disk's or CD's folders
  • File searching by tag's existence and/or tag's value, within hard disk's or CD's folders
  • External DICOM dictionary support
  • Image orientation (flip, rotate)
  • Image and canvas resizing
  • Image processing filters (blur, sharpening, convolution masks, min mask, max mask, median mask etc.)
  • Subtraction filter for DSA
  • Video (wmv) creation with or without annotations
  • Batch convert to image formats (JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, etc.)
  • Batch anonymizing, with ability of burned-in annotations removal
  • Export DICOM Headers to text files
  • Orthogonal Multi-planar Reconstruction (MPR)
  • Easy to use with native Windows "look and feel"
  • Support of all charsets (chinese, japanese, korean, cyrillic, etc.)
  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7/ and Vista compatible
  • Free demo version that works for 30 days (Download Download it)

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista (the program is not compatible with Windows XP or earlier)
  • Intel Core i3 1.3GHz or greater
  • 2 GB memory or more
  • Graphics card with 256 MB memory
  • Monitor that supports resolution 1024x768 or above, and true color (16M Colors)
  • Pointer device (Mouse)
  • 100MB free space on hard disk

Main features

Support of all the DICOM file types
Sante DICOM Viewer can open and display studies of all the modalities:
  • Computed Tomography (CT)
  • Digital Radiography (CR, DX)
  • Magnetic Resonance (MR)
  • Ultrasonography (US)
  • Mammography (MG)
  • Digital Angiography (XA)
  • Gamma Camera, Nuclear Medicine (NM)
  • Secondary Pictures and Scanned Images (SC)

All the DICOM image types are supported:
  • Single-frame (CT, MR, CR, MG) and multi-frame (XA, US)
  • Grayscale (CT, MR, CR) and color (US, 3D reconstructions)
  • Uncompressed and compressed (Run Length Encoding (RLE), JPEG Lossy and Lossless, JPEG 2000)
All the necessary tools needed in day to day practice

Sante DICOM Viewer provides the following tools for image manipulation and measurement:
  • Smooth (interpolated) zoom and pan
  • Synchronized frame view between the series
  • Synchronized level-window between the series
  • Synchronized field of view between the series
  • Level/Window (brightness/contrast) adjustments
  • Preset window settings for Computed Tomography (CT)
  • Inverted intensity
  • Ability to rotate (90, 180 degrees) or flip (horizontal and vertical) images
  • Segment length
  • Polyline
  • Angle value
  • Standard deviation, mean, minimum and maximum values within a circular/elliptical/rectangular ROI
  • Ultrasound region calibration module support (calibrated Ultrasound measurements)
  • Annotation texts and arrows
  • Intensity/Color picker
DICOM Network Services

The program supports all the DICOM network services (C-FIND SCU, C-MOVE SCU, C-STORE SCU, C-ECHO SCU/SCP), and it can be used as PACS client and as a mini PACS server as well. It can be connected with unlimited number of other DICOM nodes. The program writes all the received studies in the build-in database.

Build-in Database

The program has a database build-in, based on SQLite database. The database supports unlimited number of patients/studies/series. The user can find and retrieve studies with queries based on patient name, patient ID, study date, accession number and other criteria.

Build-in Anonymizer

The program has the ability to remove confidential patient data from the header of DICOM files, as well as from the images (e.g. the burned-in names in Ultrasound images). The user can anonymize a single file, a series or study, or all the files within a folder and its sub-folders (batch anonymizing).

Comparison of different series or studies

The series of one or more studies can be simultaneously opened side-by-side for comparison. The program displays the cross reference lines for better understanding of the anatomy, when the series contain images of different planes.

The program synchronizes the series of the same plane, e.g. in Magnetic Resonance (MR) series acquired with different T1/T2 settings.

Multiplanar reconstruction

The Multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) tool can reconstruct images in orthogonal planes (coronal, sagittal, axial). This tool is available in CT/MR studies and US volumes, and it can help in creation of a new perception of the anatomy. If the study contains a scout image/localizer, the program automatically displays the cross reference lines.

US measurements
Calibrated Ultrasound measurements

The program supports the Ultrasound Region Calibration Module (0018, 6011), and it can take calibrated distance and area measurements in ultrasound DICOM files.

Patient CD/DVD
Creation of patient CD/DVD with DICOM Viewer

With Sante DICOM Viewer the CD/DVD creation is very simple: the user has just to select the menu command "FileCreate DICOM CD/DVD". The program adds to the CD/DVD the free viewer Sante DICOM Viewer Free that allows the patient and/or physician to view the patient's images.

Sante DICOM Viewer Free is suitable for DICOM CD/DVD distribution. It runs from CD/DVD without installation, it does not have any additional software requirements like .NET or Java run time libraries, opens automatically the DICOMDIR file in the root of the CD/DVD, and it is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

DICOM file comparison
Build-in DICOM file comparison tool

The build-in DICOM file comparison tool allows the user to compare two DICOM files side-by-side, field-by-field. The dissimilar fields appear with red background color. Fields that exist in the left file and not exist in the right appear with green background color. Fields that exist in the right file and not exist in the left appear with blue background color. A tooltip informs the user about the tag value representation and tag description.

Hexadecimal Viewer
Build-in DICOM Hexadecimal Viewer

The build-in DICOM Hexadecimal Viewer allows the user to view the tags/attributes inside a DICOM file. Once a file is loaded you can see the various properties of each tag in the file along with a highlighted hex dump of the file data that defines the tag. The file contents appear in the Hexadecimal viewer, byte-by-byte in a list of rows, which contains 16 bytes per row.

Download Download the application

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