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  • Welcome to Santesoft

  • Welcome to Santesoft

  • Welcome to Santesoft

  • Welcome to Santesoft

About Santesoft

At Santesoft we design and develop advanced medical imaging (DICOM) software. Our team consists of Biomedical Engineers, Software Engineers and Developers, Support Engineers, and experienced Radiologists. Our goal from the first time, back to 1999, was to develop fast, stable, reliable, easy to use and feature-rich medical imaging tools. Today, our products are used by leading hospitals, universities and industries from all over the world, and enjoy their trust.

Extensive portfolio

Our extensive software portfolio includes PACS servers, 2D and 3D DICOM viewers and editors, DICOM converters, anonymizers and utilities. Whether you are a radiologist, a radiological technologist, a radiology student or a medical imaging researcher, there is an application of Sante series, that meets your needs and your budget. With its advanced features, Sante software helps thousands of users to take the maximum benefit from their dataset and their expensive equipment.


The DICOM engine, the network engine, the 3D graphics engine, and all the other modules of our software, are designed and developed in-house by us, from the ground up, under the supervision and in collaboration with the experienced Radiologists of our team. Our software is designed and implemented with the most advanced programming tools (Microsoft Visual C++ and Direct3D 10/11) and is the result of research and development on DICOM imaging of the last two decades. The over 20 years of experience and the in-house development gives us a deep knowledge in medical imaging domain, and let us to have the total control on our software.

Free software for all

We develop free, high quality software, DICOM viewers and utilities for everyone. Our free software uses the same engines and modules as the non-free products, without discounts in speed, reliability or quality, because "free" for us does not mean "cheap". Our free programs have more features and capabilities than the most of the other free and commercial programs, and they are used by many thousands of users, professionals or not.

Our products are used by leading hospitals, universities and industries